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I am trying to update with Records as they come in ..even though I am so far behind, but things happen and days slip by.. before I know it I have days of work to copy over..

Jimmy writes me and says he is sending 6 pages and is having problems getting his medical records that it seems someone is not wanting him to have them and he has had to keep trying to get them. and he is asking me to post these 6 pages.. I have them also saved in a special place that cant be found, unless I choose to have them found…

first pages Jimmy sent

page1 May 28



page 3

page 3 May28



page 5


page 6

page6 May 28

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I woke up this morning with a very heavy heart, I have always believed in Hope—-Hope is Everything, Without It,We have Nothing… I have tried to live by this and share Hope with many people…It has not been easy for me to always remember to always see the light.

My son really needs to be in a place where he can get the care he needs without fear of having to watch his back 24/7 from the very people that took an oath to treat the medical needs of the sick…

I am so scared MuleCreek will try to get Jimmy transferred out to somewhere else because of how sick he is…( not long ago when he was in an outside hospital) on his release to go back to MuleCreek, they would not take him at that time..due to how sick he was..and he was sent back to Corcoran where all this started from the abuse of them prolonging proper medical care and making outside agencies think he was inflicting his own pain and bleeding…

I know he needs to be safe where he can be monitored at times but I do not want my son sent back to Corcoran ever again…

I might be calling out for all Angels again to write letters or make phone calls to everyone if it comes to having to fight to keep my son from having to endure the abuse of Corcoran’s own hospital… I wont ever forget how they left blood all over jimmy’s hospital floor for over 24 hours and then someone told him to clean it up himself…or how many times they left him unseen while active bleeding .

if you look back to posts and photos of what one nurse wrote in her log, you will be shocked..

I want my son to make it home, I want to be able to look in his eyes and hug him. I have not seen my son since 2010 that is a very long time…..sending him to Corcoran again for any reason *I may not ever get that chance* to hug my son…….

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6/12 Update

This morning I received a call from MuleCreek State Prison’s Family medical line (I was givin  a # to call to leave a message for the Dr. 

I must say I am very pleased someone got back to me to say she couldn’t find an authorization from Jimmy in his Medical files giving permission for the Dr. to share info with me… I asked if whether the permissions had to be given each time an inmate is transferred to a new prison..(she said it follows them) I wish I had been awake and full of coffee) to have remembered to get her first name but I wasn’t…I did manage to tell her there should be many in his file that followed him from Corcoran state prison.. Can’t even begin to tell you have many times they said they could not find one in his file… the countless times they made Jimmy fill out another one…or the times they told me they could not give information to me with out it…Only one time did Dr. Kim from Corcoran call me on the phone and that was to argue and be avasive …

I did thank the person that called me this morning, she was very nice and did tell me she would send my phone message off to Dr. Rudas.

I also want to say this concerning MuleCreek my understanding is this prison has been the best prison Jimmy has been housed in….I would say from my letters most have been fair and treated Jimmy and others good..with a few exceptions…

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Pink WheelChair Where did it go?

This morning 6/11/2013 I have been busy sending out emails and registered letters to people around California, when is this injustice of humiliating people behind bars going to stop? I wish I could lock some of the very people up that have taken an oath to treat people with dignity and respect. To show them what its like to not have any control over their own lives for a period of time, to allow others to use and abuse them, to mentally ware them down.

I do understand people are in prison for a reason, and that they must face  consequences of their own actions, but does that mean our society has totally lost their own conscious and the thinking that (out of sight, out of mind?) Or does it mean as long as my loved one isn’t locked up in the belly of the beast, ( society will continue to have that “I don” care attitude.

Regardless why a person is behind bars We seem to think its very OK to miss treat the weaker link and basic human rights are thrown out the window or swept under the carpet. Treating people with respect and not trying to crush their spirits just because they are behind the wall and have no control over what happens to them, seems to make people in authority turn into monsters just because (THEY CAN)

I am very upset right now, I just received a call from my son worried for his safety that I have addressed in another post, but what I find just totally amazing is how fast wheels start turning (sometimes)…was this a coincidence?  I been in this system with my son and countless others for a very long time and I know in my heart this wasn’t by coincidence.

I have been on computer all morning with my daughter writing and sending out emails to people and within a couple hours it seems, that a memo came down from the CMO Scott Heatley’s office saying they feel Jimmys wheelchair is old and he needs a new one, and they brought him a different one and took his pink spray painted wheelchair away..

Was that out of the kindness of their heart? or was that to cover their own mental abuse of my son…

I will let you be the judge…….

It seems when a person gets sentenced to prison for a crime, they give up all their rights and have none… but that doesn’t mean  basic human rights that was handed down on Dec. 10, 1948 at the General Assembly of the United Nations., with the adoption and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human rights…..We treat our prisoners of war better than we treat our own people….

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UpDate 6/11 (1:30pm)

My son was given permission to call me to let me know he was actively bleeding this morning, and got upset with one of the people in the TTA. (if I have that correct), and told them to send him back to his cell.  I am unclear on how long after that, he was throwing up blood again and passed out.. he went back to the TTA and he seen Dr.Rudas, Jimmy said he has always been nice to him and very respectful of his condition. Dr. Rudas did a STAT LAB on him, and it was sent out to an outside hospital to see if his hemoglobin level was below 8. If it was- he would have to be sent out, well when it came back it was. Jimmy’s hemoglobin was 7.0. Dr. Rudas then went to talk to someone and came back saying they wanted  to wait until tomorrow and have it checked again to see if it was the same or lower. Dr. Rudas made Jimmy feel his hands were tied.

Now as Jimmy’s Mother I am very scared for my sons life…and this mother doesn’t care how nice Dr. Rudas has been to my son. He is not willing to stand up for whats right… again the allmighty $ stands in the way of someones life..Will my son make it to morning?

The State of California’s prison system is playing with my son’s life, and the countless lives of many inmates. Where is the justice for for basic human rights? see link to my first post.

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Corcoran State Prison,
Dear Doctor Kim,
Since youra very important piece of the puzzle concerning my brother Jimmy Edwards (P06960) health issues while at Corcoran state prison. I would like to enclose a statement on the medical treatment of jimmy while under your care in 2011.
Its been approximately 3 years and here we stand.
Jimmy ended up back at Corcoran under your care in april 2013 very very sick nd you treated him as you did when he was housed at Corcoran state prison. Still continuing  to treat him as fine and nothing wrong. I find it hard to believe that any good Doctor in his right mind would truly believe that all the outside medical specialists that have stated that they believe that the systems care (which started with you Doctor Kim, was and is wrong. accusing Jimmy of hurting himself… and due to your unjustly medical decisions has caused a like long impact on my brothers health. Your decisions to go against 100s of reports from outside doctors and your continued abuse stating nothing is wrong with Jimmy stating (self inflicting his problems.
I do have documentation of the countless times you have aloud my brother to suffer, laying on his floor bleeding and your continued neglect always telling people he does things to cause him to bleed, or you telling him all he needs is iron pills… My brother suffers even more with him being forced to take iron… His body can no longer tolerate iron…..
I dont understand why my brother has been singled out by you and Corcoran State Prison, the torture, lies and abuse my brother put up with while there, you should never have been aloud to treat him again. The system is not fair, you as a Doctor don’t even follow a doctor’s code of ethics or conduct.  (documentarian on web site of nurses notations of your lack of care for my brother)
If something happens to my brother and he doesn’t make it home because of judgmental decisions Corcoran has made in giving false information to Mule Creek on the care of my brother. I will fight until the truth comes out. No one, no prison system has the right to continue to abuse an inmate making it seem as he or she is crazy, on drugs, hurting themselves when in fact you and some of your staff failed to help my brother and tried to cover up your incompetent behavior.
Our family has countless medical records from outside medical facilities stating my brother is indeed not crazy and have a very rare medical disease.
Aimee Edwards
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Warden Knipp

MuleCreek State Prison,          

P.O. Box 409099, Ione Ca. 95640

Warden Knipp,

This letter is in regards to my brother Jimmy Edwards (P06960) who has  8 months left of a 6 year sentence. time left in prison is not the issue here Jimmy is very very ill and has unbelievable medical history. He has been bleeding on a consistent  bases since 2006.
Jimmy has been to countless specialists and has been diagnosed with (Gastric Angiodysplasia with AVM also known as Water Mellon Stomach Diseases)
Everyday is a struggle to make it one more day it seems, he can not walk now due to being weak from constant low blood count and high heart rate. along with 57 blood transfusions.
Jimmy is being miss treated mentally and physically, they have taken away all medications that outside specialists have put him on. They took his wheel chair and when he filed a 602 they gave it back to shim (spray painted pink) and told him its pink cause he is a cry baby. Mule Creek state prison left his property in his cell for 2 weeks while he was in an outside hospital and all his food was stolen. the list goes on and on , the main issue is jimmys health he is doing what he can to make it out of prison in 8 months to be with his family but he is so sick from not getting the proper medical treatment the past 5 years as he bleeds most every day and he contiunes to fight for his freedom he deservers.
As the Warden of this prison I am asking you to take this serious my brothers life is in jeopardy due to the corruption that goes on behind some prsion walls, and always getts pushed under the carpet.
Please look into this issue… My brother needs his medications to stay alive, Please address the medications at least. And why do your employees find it funny to paint my brothers wheel chair pink? This is mental abuse and goes against (the Universal Declaration of Human rights set down for all nations… No one has the right to torture, whether mentally or physically even in a prison.
Warden Knipp I am asking why was my brothers wheel chair taken and then returned pink…
Why was his belongings left in a cell for 2 weeks to be stollen…..
Why was my brothers medications taken from him.. because of a routine exam when he wasn’t bleeding at the time nor was he complaining of bleeding.. the routine was just that a scheduled appointment. 
  Ammee Edwards.
Web address all letters posted here
Gabriel Vela (Ombudsman)
Receiver Clark Kelso
Prison law Office
Jeff Dicks Medical Coalition
Governor Brown’s office
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