MuleCreek State Prison *Update*

It’s been a long time since I have written anything on my son Jimmy, Thank my Heavenly Father he is still alive and hanging in there..It hasn’t been easy for this LostAngels Mom…sometimes I have felt weak in the knees with a tear running down my right cheek….when that happens I find I need to step back or I feel as if I will go over the edge..I have learned one thing in my life and that I need to pay attention when  my right cheek is wet with a warm tear that I can not control..I am sure someone out there will understand what I am saying..

Any time I feel the need to come here is a sad day, today being one of them that I am  feeling  I need to speak for my son, he has tried so hard to get through his days without someone in control trying to confuse him, or cause him great stress and harassment due to him being sick .

Jimmy was finely moved to Mule Creek state prison in California, a prison he asked to go to, and at first they  were very nice to him, and I felt he was finely someplace he could do his time and be able to get out and come to Oregon to be with family… but now I am worried the system is going to do everything they can to keep that from happening..he could be home in about 9 months if he can make it to then…sometimes I wonder how my son has gotten this far with people everyday telling him there isn’t anything wrong with him, or they take his meds away that an outside hospital says he needs… here is one for you, this prison  took his

WHEELCHAIR    away from him and when they decided to give it back someone had spray painted it PINK……

I am finding that the California state prison system needs to be investigated by the white house… and throw every last one of them in prison and that includes all the ones that live by the code of silence, I had someone tell me years ago from one of the ISU officers telling me even if he wanted to help he could not go against the code….

(I am going to speak for my son and will continue to write as the letters come into me, but as many of you know as soon as one person from MuleCreek reads this, my son’s letters will surely slow down or stop…. you know what happens, that letters just up and disappears…

I am wondering how long it will take this time for retaliation to take place within the walls of the belly of the beast.

Jimmy’s Diagnosis:

Gastric Angiodysplasia with AVM also known as Water Mellon Stomach Disease.

I have been hospitalized 21 times from Nov.27, 12 tell April 30,2013.

With a total of (67) EGD scopes (Esophagastroduodenoscopy) with (57) blood transfusions (5) ABC (argon lazering treatments, (43) Gastric corterizations and 12 Iron infusions since 2006.

How much can one body take?

Due to recurrent gastro intestinal G.I. bleeds and chronic low levels in hematcrit  and hemoglobin as well as iron deficiency anemia consistent with angio dysplasia , I’ve been in ICU Intensive care (7) times at UC Davis, San Joaquin General Hospital and Sutter Amado’

On Nov.27th 2012, again on Dec.17th, 1/15/13,  1/21/13,  3/3/13, 3/6/13, 3/11/13, 3/13,13. 

A team of of (8) GI specialists  met at all 3 hospitals and diagnosed my condition. I was placed on ((12)) different medications and a Porta Cathiter was permanently placed under my skin in my chest. On 4/13/13 Chief specialist at (SJGH) stated to MuleCreek State Prison they felt I needed to be housed in a acute care CDCR medical bed. I was then sent back to CSPC (Corcoran State Prison’s acute care hospital where all my problems started. then on 4/30/13 I arrived back at MuleCreek and found out Corcoran had told medical doctors here at MuleCreek all kinds of bogus meritless rumors, causing MuleCreek to take me off all (12) vital medications I needed, and took my assigned wheel chair and cain which was given to me for having acute critical hematologic condition as a low hemoglobin level of less than (( 8.3)) which mine has been below 8 for the past  6 months.

3 1/2 weeks ago my hemoglobin level was down to 6.6. that is life threatening with a heart rate of 162 , due to this low hemoglobin level and high heart rate coupled with Epigastric pain associated with vomiting my primary care provider granted me a wheel chair and use of a cain. UC Davis, Sutter Amador and San Joaquin put  me on morphine for 2 reasons, to help with the pain as well as help suppress my high heart rate associated with sever chronic anemia. 

Because of Corcoran all these medications were taken away from me. I am a victim of insidious rumor  speculation that have no merit all because of my condition was rare and hard to properly diagnose prior to now’

Now that I have been properly diagnosed there should be no more speculations by prison medical staff.   

Jimmy Don Edwards (P06960)


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