Ca.Health Care Facility/Stockton

As a Mother, wanting only the best for her son, even one thats in the prison system…. After all- most people in prison I would think have people that love them..whether its another parent, sibling, gf/bf/wife or husband/child…

My son has spent a lot of years locked behind the belly of the beast… I call it that because most of the prisons my son has been in, has not always been a good one.. What do I mean by a good one (you might be asking yourself)I do realize that prisons have to have lots of rules and safety measures in place because  people who commit crimes most times made bad choices because of stupidity, lack of caring about others, or plain bad/mean people… I can’t say I believe anyone is born bad, but I do believe some for what ever reason have no conscience.. maybe a true medical issue  anything can happen when an embryo is formed..

A bad prison to me is: When people in authority think they can say and do what they want when no one is looking and the treatment some inmates receive. Its bad enough when you have authority figures making your daily living unbearable, but its even worse when you have an inmate that truly is very sick and people not believing how sick one is, or calling them liars, I don’t know how many times I had heard my son tell me (they don’t believe me, they think I am making myself sick) I had a prison doctor call me once and tell me there really wasn’t anything wrong with him & that he is doing something to make himself bleed..this same prison left my son to lay in his own pool of blood for hours, then left the blood on the floor and told him to clean it up…or the time he passed out on the floor from losing so much blood and they had to call a code on him,  resuscitate him.

As I said not all prisons are like this some are better than others… and right now my son is in the California Health Care Facility in Stockton… I have to give this prison a 5 star rating.. Even though they are not totally staffed yet, they have done an outstanding job in helping my son, not one person there has ever said my son is making it up or doing things to cause his bleeding. In my book they are very very professional & compassionate people.

Jimmy is not all stressed out there, he doesn’t seem to be worried about his safety which is a real blessing… I have always taken great pride in what my son tells me, he has always been very open and honest when it comes to the people he comes in contact with and how he is treated… and I can say from my own experience with phone calls there that what my son tells me is very very true… People seem to care and they show it every single day, my hope is that all the people that work at this health care prison, never lose their compassion when it comes to working with people..(sometimes I wonder if all prisons had more compassion if more inmates could be rehabiliated and not return to the system..That truly would be a blessing…

I just wanted to do a shout out for this prison facility… I am so amazed with all the people that I have come in contact with… My son is very sick and he always mentions how nice people have treated him…and the great medical care he is receiving…

Thank you so much for taking good care of my son..I just wish he could have been in a place like this way back when, maybe he wouldn’t be so sick now if the medical care could have been good and not left up to how someone in charge was feeling on any given day my son needed help.

I still say medical care is a  basic human right that was handed down by the United Nations over 60 years ago to all nations -to all people (that means in prison too)

Yes rating this prison hospital was very easy ***** 5 stars

LostAngels Mom


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