Ludicrous What next?

I can’t believe these people, If my son wasn’t so sick I might be able to laugh these records off, but not when it could mean life or death for my son…He never was the kind of person to over exaggerate his illness not even as a child. I can think of a lot more things he could be doing that to be acting.. and causing his own illness..My son wants to come home, as his mother can not see him hurting himself over and over to come home sicker than a dog…Where would it get him? he would have no medical to get his body back in shape.. these people will do what ever it takes to discredit someone behind bars…

Jimmy has been watched over and over.. for days behind glass and he still gets sick..

Dr. Rudas states he witnessed on 2 occasions vomiting up blood and did a rectal exam and his hemoglobin was 6.0 and yet nothing was done… my son could die with a count that low… THE CALIFORNIA PRISON SYSTME IS KILLING MY SON..

You will see on the last page they are trying to say Jimmy has MUNCHAUSEN’S SYNDROME…

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