June 14th Denied

June 14th

Dear Mom, Today my primary physician requested that I needed a hematology consult with a hematologist but the Chief Physician DENUED his request and used a FALSE CRITERIA for hematology hemoglobin levels. You will see it defines any hemoglobin below 8.3 is acute critical..mine is 7.0 ..anyways I dont understand this crap, they are doing, No way should I be left like this with such a low hemoglobin. (Dr. Christopher Smith) Chief Physician is the one who denied my doctors request. Also I over heard Dr. Smith tell a nurse I’ve had over 100 EGDs that show nothing . This of course is not true, I’v only had 63 EGDs and  at least 27 of them have showed active bleeding with angio dysplasia and AVM. I just feel so hopeless because I cant understand why I’m being treated this way today is the 19th I got so dizzy when I stood up I fell and hit my head on the toilet. I have a huge bruise and scratch on my head I broke my glasses. my blood count has to be very low…

request for treatment


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