Sent June 11th

Dear Mother I am sending you (5) Medical Chronos #rd 1 through 5 and also a signed Authorization for release of information. this document can be faxed or emailed to anyone that you talk to. Its called a a (CDCR 7385) authorization for release. 

Please read medical chronos 1 to 4 showing 4 different Doctors who deemed me (Totally Disabled)/highlighted and at the top states permeant. these were all done before I went to Corcoran on 4/13/2013 

Chrono1 Chrono2 Chrono3 Chrono4

Now look at the one done after I came back from Corcoran on 5/7, page 5 now states I am FULL DUTY, and at the bottom under comments this doctor writes (possible munchausens) meaning to get attention . The other part states Poly substance abuse, stating I make up factitious disorders to obtain narcotics. I highlighted it.


I cant even read which Doctor wrote this but I showed it to my mental health Doctor Leigh, because this doctor who wrote this report put this information came from mental health. and Dr. Leigh said No it did not and this medical doctor is lying because no where in my mental health file states anything of the sort. just wanted you to know mom…




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Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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