I woke up this morning with a very heavy heart, I have always believed in Hope—-Hope is Everything, Without It,We have Nothing… I have tried to live by this and share Hope with many people…It has not been easy for me to always remember to always see the light.

My son really needs to be in a place where he can get the care he needs without fear of having to watch his back 24/7 from the very people that took an oath to treat the medical needs of the sick…

I am so scared MuleCreek will try to get Jimmy transferred out to somewhere else because of how sick he is…( not long ago when he was in an outside hospital) on his release to go back to MuleCreek, they would not take him at that time..due to how sick he was..and he was sent back to Corcoran where all this started from the abuse of them prolonging proper medical care and making outside agencies think he was inflicting his own pain and bleeding…

I know he needs to be safe where he can be monitored at times but I do not want my son sent back to Corcoran ever again…

I might be calling out for all Angels again to write letters or make phone calls to everyone if it comes to having to fight to keep my son from having to endure the abuse of Corcoran’s own hospital… I wont ever forget how they left blood all over jimmy’s hospital floor for over 24 hours and then someone told him to clean it up himself…or how many times they left him unseen while active bleeding .

if you look back to posts and photos of what one nurse wrote in her log, you will be shocked..

I want my son to make it home, I want to be able to look in his eyes and hug him. I have not seen my son since 2010 that is a very long time…..sending him to Corcoran again for any reason *I may not ever get that chance* to hug my son…….


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Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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