6/12 Update

This morning I received a call from MuleCreek State Prison’s Family medical line (I was givin  a # to call to leave a message for the Dr. 

I must say I am very pleased someone got back to me to say she couldn’t find an authorization from Jimmy in his Medical files giving permission for the Dr. to share info with me… I asked if whether the permissions had to be given each time an inmate is transferred to a new prison..(she said it follows them) I wish I had been awake and full of coffee) to have remembered to get her first name but I wasn’t…I did manage to tell her there should be many in his file that followed him from Corcoran state prison.. Can’t even begin to tell you have many times they said they could not find one in his file… the countless times they made Jimmy fill out another one…or the times they told me they could not give information to me with out it…Only one time did Dr. Kim from Corcoran call me on the phone and that was to argue and be avasive …

I did thank the person that called me this morning, she was very nice and did tell me she would send my phone message off to Dr. Rudas.

I also want to say this concerning MuleCreek my understanding is this prison has been the best prison Jimmy has been housed in….I would say from my letters most have been fair and treated Jimmy and others good..with a few exceptions…


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