Warden Knipp

MuleCreek State Prison,                    William.Knipp@cdcr.ca.gov

P.O. Box 409099, Ione Ca. 95640

Warden Knipp,

This letter is in regards to my brother Jimmy Edwards (P06960) who has  8 months left of a 6 year sentence. time left in prison is not the issue here Jimmy is very very ill and has unbelievable medical history. He has been bleeding on a consistent  bases since 2006.
Jimmy has been to countless specialists and has been diagnosed with (Gastric Angiodysplasia with AVM also known as Water Mellon Stomach Diseases)
Everyday is a struggle to make it one more day it seems, he can not walk now due to being weak from constant low blood count and high heart rate. along with 57 blood transfusions.
Jimmy is being miss treated mentally and physically, they have taken away all medications that outside specialists have put him on. They took his wheel chair and when he filed a 602 they gave it back to shim (spray painted pink) and told him its pink cause he is a cry baby. Mule Creek state prison left his property in his cell for 2 weeks while he was in an outside hospital and all his food was stolen. the list goes on and on , the main issue is jimmys health he is doing what he can to make it out of prison in 8 months to be with his family but he is so sick from not getting the proper medical treatment the past 5 years as he bleeds most every day and he contiunes to fight for his freedom he deservers.
As the Warden of this prison I am asking you to take this serious my brothers life is in jeopardy due to the corruption that goes on behind some prsion walls, and always getts pushed under the carpet.
Please look into this issue… My brother needs his medications to stay alive, Please address the medications at least. And why do your employees find it funny to paint my brothers wheel chair pink? This is mental abuse and goes against (the Universal Declaration of Human rights set down for all nations… No one has the right to torture, whether mentally or physically even in a prison.
Warden Knipp I am asking why was my brothers wheel chair taken and then returned pink…
Why was his belongings left in a cell for 2 weeks to be stollen…..
Why was my brothers medications taken from him.. because of a routine exam when he wasn’t bleeding at the time nor was he complaining of bleeding.. the routine was just that a scheduled appointment. 
  Ammee Edwards.
Web address all letters posted here
Gabriel Vela (Ombudsman)
Receiver Clark Kelso
Prison law Office
Jeff Dicks Medical Coalition
Governor Brown’s office

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