UpDate 6/11 (1:30pm)

My son was given permission to call me to let me know he was actively bleeding this morning, and got upset with one of the people in the TTA. (if I have that correct), and told them to send him back to his cell.  I am unclear on how long after that, he was throwing up blood again and passed out.. he went back to the TTA and he seen Dr.Rudas, Jimmy said he has always been nice to him and very respectful of his condition. Dr. Rudas did a STAT LAB on him, and it was sent out to an outside hospital to see if his hemoglobin level was below 8. If it was- he would have to be sent out, well when it came back it was. Jimmy’s hemoglobin was 7.0. Dr. Rudas then went to talk to someone and came back saying they wanted  to wait until tomorrow and have it checked again to see if it was the same or lower. Dr. Rudas made Jimmy feel his hands were tied.

Now as Jimmy’s Mother I am very scared for my sons life…and this mother doesn’t care how nice Dr. Rudas has been to my son. He is not willing to stand up for whats right… again the allmighty $ stands in the way of someones life..Will my son make it to morning?

The State of California’s prison system is playing with my son’s life, and the countless lives of many inmates. Where is the justice for for basic human rights? see link to my first post.



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Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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