Pink WheelChair Where did it go?

This morning 6/11/2013 I have been busy sending out emails and registered letters to people around California, when is this injustice of humiliating people behind bars going to stop? I wish I could lock some of the very people up that have taken an oath to treat people with dignity and respect. To show them what its like to not have any control over their own lives for a period of time, to allow others to use and abuse them, to mentally ware them down.

I do understand people are in prison for a reason, and that they must face  consequences of their own actions, but does that mean our society has totally lost their own conscious and the thinking that (out of sight, out of mind?) Or does it mean as long as my loved one isn’t locked up in the belly of the beast, ( society will continue to have that “I don” care attitude.

Regardless why a person is behind bars We seem to think its very OK to miss treat the weaker link and basic human rights are thrown out the window or swept under the carpet. Treating people with respect and not trying to crush their spirits just because they are behind the wall and have no control over what happens to them, seems to make people in authority turn into monsters just because (THEY CAN)

I am very upset right now, I just received a call from my son worried for his safety that I have addressed in another post, but what I find just totally amazing is how fast wheels start turning (sometimes)…was this a coincidence?  I been in this system with my son and countless others for a very long time and I know in my heart this wasn’t by coincidence.

I have been on computer all morning with my daughter writing and sending out emails to people and within a couple hours it seems, that a memo came down from the CMO Scott Heatley’s office saying they feel Jimmys wheelchair is old and he needs a new one, and they brought him a different one and took his pink spray painted wheelchair away..

Was that out of the kindness of their heart? or was that to cover their own mental abuse of my son…

I will let you be the judge…….

It seems when a person gets sentenced to prison for a crime, they give up all their rights and have none… but that doesn’t mean  basic human rights that was handed down on Dec. 10, 1948 at the General Assembly of the United Nations., with the adoption and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human rights…..We treat our prisoners of war better than we treat our own people….


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