Corcoran State Prison,

Dear Doctor Kim,
Since youra very important piece of the puzzle concerning my brother Jimmy Edwards (P06960) health issues while at Corcoran state prison. I would like to enclose a statement on the medical treatment of jimmy while under your care in 2011.
Its been approximately 3 years and here we stand.
Jimmy ended up back at Corcoran under your care in april 2013 very very sick nd you treated him as you did when he was housed at Corcoran state prison. Still continuing  to treat him as fine and nothing wrong. I find it hard to believe that any good Doctor in his right mind would truly believe that all the outside medical specialists that have stated that they believe that the systems care (which started with you Doctor Kim, was and is wrong. accusing Jimmy of hurting himself… and due to your unjustly medical decisions has caused a like long impact on my brothers health. Your decisions to go against 100s of reports from outside doctors and your continued abuse stating nothing is wrong with Jimmy stating (self inflicting his problems.
I do have documentation of the countless times you have aloud my brother to suffer, laying on his floor bleeding and your continued neglect always telling people he does things to cause him to bleed, or you telling him all he needs is iron pills… My brother suffers even more with him being forced to take iron… His body can no longer tolerate iron…..
I dont understand why my brother has been singled out by you and Corcoran State Prison, the torture, lies and abuse my brother put up with while there, you should never have been aloud to treat him again. The system is not fair, you as a Doctor don’t even follow a doctor’s code of ethics or conduct.  (documentarian on web site of nurses notations of your lack of care for my brother)
If something happens to my brother and he doesn’t make it home because of judgmental decisions Corcoran has made in giving false information to Mule Creek on the care of my brother. I will fight until the truth comes out. No one, no prison system has the right to continue to abuse an inmate making it seem as he or she is crazy, on drugs, hurting themselves when in fact you and some of your staff failed to help my brother and tried to cover up your incompetent behavior.
Our family has countless medical records from outside medical facilities stating my brother is indeed not crazy and have a very rare medical disease.
Aimee Edwards

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Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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