You Can’t keep Us Down

Date 4/18

We received a call stating my brother was back from outside hospital which he was there for 11 days, with each visit to the outside hospital becomes longer with each visit, tells me he is getting worse by the day. The hardest thing to except is after 100s of messages left at the prison, no one has the care to call any of Jimmy’s family. We got this information from an inmate across from my brother in the prison medical unit. which is sad to know that all my calls to the prison has been worthless. The prison as of today has not given my brother any of his property, hygiene, mail, or even the TV we ordered him over a month ago. This is the welcome home Corcoran gives my brother each and every time he returns from an outside hospital. He is being punished for his illness.

People need to start paying for what they have done to my brother, do you know how many jobs that would be taken cause of the mistreatment inmates deal with on a daily bases?

God Bless you Jimmy stay strong, my deepest prayers go out to you, tears roll down my cheeks thinking about what you’re going through.

Corcoran, give Edwards his property, mail, stop the abuse, I’m trying to go out and beyond the prison law office because I believe in my heart, its only made things worse. They have made promises and never fallowed through like everyone else, I believe there is a higher power, he will bring someone to help fight for a life that is being taken from the belly of the beast.

Your Loving Sister, Amy


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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2 Responses to You Can’t keep Us Down

  1. Bette says:

    Sorry about your Brother I will pray for him. I am going through the same with my husband he is also at corcoran an Inmate called to tell me he is in a outside hospital he has been there for 23 days and trying to kind out any thing is a joke. God be with you and your Brother.

    • krissy peckham says:

      hello bette thanks 4 your message .my deepest prayes go out 2 u and your husband.god b with u brother was transferd on 4-19-2011 to pleasent valley .i had got word that the out side hospital dident want to even release him back to the prison they wanted to send my brother 2 a special blood treatment center in u.c.l.a the prison said no .my brother stopped breathing on his way back to the prison the c/os had to call 4 an ambelance 2 revive him .they shiped him off a few days later.i need a lawyer corcoran needs 2 pay 4 what they have done to my brother and every other inmate being misstreated.i thank god my brother made it out of that fucked up place and just wanna say fuck corcoran state prison and all staff involved in hurting mr.edwards

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