SABRINA JOHNSON:You let them beat my son

Sabrina Johnson is one of those people that hold a title within the system as *the Associate Warden of health Care* at Corcoran State Prison in California.  I wonder how she got that title, because she sure don’t care about the abuses that go on within the Hospital or prison . Here is a statement she made this last week to Jimmy’s sister on the phone… I heard this on Amy’s speaker phone.

If  I wanted to help your brother, I would have done it months ago….. I can not as a human being, believe this lady said those words.. It told me more than I needed to know about Sabrina Johnson… that she collects  a pay check and cares less about the people that are within her care….She could have helped my son months ago, and just maybe he might not be so close to death as I feel in my heart he is.

I am sickend with the knowledge that my son has endured so much pain and heart ache being at Corcoran, he isn’t getting proper medical care, nor is he treated as a human being that is very sick. I don’t know what is worse, the abuse or lack of good medical care on a daily bases.  this last letter I believe was smuggled out and mailed, and I have no idea at this moment if my son is back in the prison hospital because this last week we were told he was again taken to an outside hospital… and I thanked my Heavenly Father for that one, at least then I know he is well taken care of and not mistreated… I am sharing this horrific letter we got this week..Please know it broke my spirit, I have no idea anymore how as a society we can allow any state prison anywhere in our country to treat people this way.. after reading this, please say a silent prayer for my son…I don’t know how long he can hang on,

written to Jimmy’s sister

Dear Sis:                                                                                                                                               Hello hope all is ok with you guys, Amy I really need help, On March 25th I passed out in vomit and blood. 3 C/Os came in and basically ruffed me up good!!!, Bent my right arm back, it swelled up twice its size. I got bruises all over my left arm. They drug me across my vomit and  blood. Smashed my face in the floor, pressed their knees in my back. Stripped me naked and and took everything out of my room, left me there naked with no blankets, sheets, no toilet paper, no soup, no nothing…they told me they were tired of writing reports every time i bleed or pass out, and they threatened to kill me if I did it again  or told anyone.

I was so scared I told the nurses I was suicidal, so i could come to the mental health crises unit where I would feel safer, sometimes I do feel as if I would be better off ending it all, cause no one is going to help me.

they wont give me any mail or let me write anyone, My whole left arm is bruised, my wrist still hurts and still swollen. I haven’t come out my room since that happened, I’m scared something bad is going to happen, I have never been abused like that, they planted anther syringe and told the Doctor they found 3 syringes. They are setting me up, this all happened the night I wrote  to an attorney.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. I hope you get this letter, please help me. Your brother Jimmy


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8 Responses to SABRINA JOHNSON:You let them beat my son

  1. Please know that I have posted your blog everywhere and emailed to my many contacts…hopefully someone will pick this up and run with it….prayers for you and your son…..

  2. This is a real shame. The American Criminal Justice System needs to understand if they are going to imprison people (guilty or not), they have a responsibility to provide the proper care while the incarcerated are in their care. There are too many stories about the abuse that occurs in the correctional facilities throughout this country. The wardens, doctors and nurses need to be held accountable period.

  3. I’m one of the people that Carol of Prison Movement contacted – and I’d seen your message on their listserve too. This is outrageous. I’d like to help get the word out with a story on our website, which is read by many prison activists. I’ve been browsing through the posts here and piecing the story together. But you know it well, and I’m hoping you can write an introduction to this latest letter from Jimmy to put it in context and give activists the information they need to give you some help.

  4. Ackusar says:

    Abu Ghraib American Style: The American Prison System. Many of the “guards” are sadistic thugs and take pleasure in the abuse they inflict upon those in their charge. It is in the training they receive from their superiors–the real monsters paid for by your hard-earned tax dollars. Document everything and file a lawsuit; that will catch the attention of the higher-ups and outside people who care, especially Tax Payers who can SAY SOMETHING…This cannot be tolerated and allowed to continue here in the United States.

  5. hello Mary, Shelia, and the Prison Movement, its very hard to put in introduction to this latest letter, Jimmy wrote his own story under Diary. My name is Jimmy Edwards,
    as the months came and went, Jimmy got sicker by the day, he started bleeding more and more.. Dr. Kim did not believe he had AVM, said he would never have to have a blood transfusion, since that statement he has had about 30, Jimmy had been told more than once, they would not send him out for any more transfusions, they would allow his blood count to drip so low, Jimmy would be dizzy, his feet swelling, he would pass out at times, his heart right would climb, he would be so sick, he even fell he was so weak, and hurt his back, had a knot on his head, that no one would looked at, finely a guard said he needed to be seen before anyone would help him.. (there not all bad)…my son was found in a cell they called a code blue on him, and yet Dr. Kim states that never happened..but outside hospital records show it was reported, there is just so many things that have taken place. if anyone wants to reach me you can email me at
    and I thank you all for sending encouragement’s and support…

    • aimee edwards says:

      \sabrina johnson wanna say to u that u may have made my brother suffer for almost 8 months well you have allowed a human life to lay on the floor and almost bleed to death.well my brother beg 4 help over an over day after day month after month as the more he complained the more misstreatment he suffered and the more u took from him such as property mail medical treatment.i thank god u dident kill my brother .he made it out of the belly of the beast.u know u did wrong and im gonna make sure u and every one involved is gonna pay .dont think just cause u sent him off ur in the clear u r a big part of this

      • Jamie says:

        Aimee I am so sorry whats going on with ur brother.I hope with all this attention ur guys r getting out hes getting better help.I have been trying to find u forever.This is Jamie & I miss u guys!I would love to know how everyones doing!!Love u guys!!U r all in my prayers!!If u ever do get this look me up on facebook jamie martindale!!

  6. krissy peckham says:

    This is jimmys neice krissy this is all mest up some one should just take this case and help if those cop people whatever kill my uncle then i will hunt them down tell they are dead or in jail i am 12 years old i have lived with every body sad and mad i only get to see him once in awile that is mest up i have never lived with him. He has been in jail befor i was even born i really love him PLAESE TAKE THIS CASE AND HELP ALL OF US I REALLY LOVE HIMM. The cops sent him to jail because his car broke down and one of his friends came to give him aride they got pulled over and his friends gun was under his seet and they said it was his but it wasnt so he went to jail again. I really love my Uncle Jimmy. He always trys to right me but it is more important to right my mom to tell her how thang are going just like how he was beten that is not right i wish i could seww them. I really love himm please help him please.. If u guys think it is sad get together and help.

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