Inmate Health Care Appeal

By Jimmy Don Edwards (P06960)

I am housed in the A.C.H. acute care Hospital with a rare Bleeding disorder, that cause me to vomit blood often. On 2-9-11 I had (4) separate episodes of vomiting blood. I notified my  p.m. assigned nurse via emergency intercom button. advised  her of my Emesis and severe stomach pain. She gave me tylenol and anti nausea medication zofran. She and 1st watch officer viewed the blood, approx. a hour later my stomach pain worsened and the vomiting continued. I notified my nurse of all (3) Episodes, she refused to come check my vitals as I was having severe stomach pain, dizziness and the bloody Emesis. I asked to talk with the lead nurse after my fourth attempt to get help from my assigned nurse. The lead nurse told me very rudely (The Doctor is aware) I asked for the Doctors name, she stated “I don’t have to tell you that” I asked for her name and my assigned nurses name. She again stated ” I don’t have to tell you that”. When I was admitted to the Acute Care Hospital in Corcoran, I signed a patients rights form and # 2 states: To have knowledge of the names of the physician and any medical personal who has primary responsibility for coordination of your care and the names of professional relationships of other physicians who may be requested to see you regarding your illness or injury. # 7 also states, I have the right to reasonable requests for services responded to in in a professional manner.  # 9 states I have a right to be assured a reasonable continuity of care. Those above listed rights were violated on this date in question and are continuously  being violated regarding my treatment as a patient, here in A.C.H.

I request a full investigation to be given the names of the lead nurse, my assigned nurse and the Doctor- to be given a explanation why my vitals were not taken, why I was left bledding through the night and why I wasn’t seen by the Doctor???? Why are my medical needs being neglected? Why am I being left to suffer unbarrable pain and discomfort?

Jimmy Edwards                                                                                                                                    A mistreated California patient/prisoner


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2 Responses to Inmate Health Care Appeal

  1. AIMEE EDWARDS says:

    today i talked to mant different people from the prison .they all playd dum im sick of the games they r up to sumthing

  2. Rain! I found you! I so hope you get this message, It’s Tamela from AOP. I just found a pict your son drew me when we corresponded and it brought tears to my eyes. We lost touch, and I really miss writing back and forth with him. I’m so sorry to hear that he is not doing well. If you get this contact me at I’ll be out of the country aug 15-sept 14 (yep my first vacation to mexico in 20 yrs:) I’d like to have his address to send him some love, encouragement and smiles his way. xoxoxo Tamela

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