“The words of Encouragement that help keep me Going”

While here at Corcoran State Prison—- I have to take the Good with the Bad—Smile when I’m Sad—Love what I got—and remember what I had….Always forgive, But never will I forget… Learn from my Mistakes, but never regret—people change…….things go wrong….Just remember Hopefully my life goes on!!!

Jimmy Edwards   “State Property”


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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One Response to “The words of Encouragement that help keep me Going”

  1. krissy peckham says:

    jimmy dont let corcoran turn your smile upside down’even though they r tryn 2 put u 6 feet under .u have done time since 97′ and u no the in’s an outs of prison. have searved more time on cdc yards than most c/0s have and u no the diff,from the miss treatment at corcoran than any other prison ud ever been at.as iv walked with u on the 0utside this whole time an have seen u weekly b hind bars u have never been miss treatd or sick tell u ended up at corcoran state prison.u jumpd through ther hoops 4 way 2 long now.only the strong servive.done some researce on how many c/os have been hurt or killed in driving accidents 2 an from work 2 the prison .hummmmm i b leave n carma those familys have felt what im feeling.ther r those who care an those who dont give a fuck an that hole prison proves it daily from the lack of care an disrespect they continue 2 prove 2 our family an 4 not caren about my brothers life.

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