“The Dimming Light”

Now I am a man of many talents and a man of my word, but on my path to see the light. Sometimes my vision gets blurred…. It’s all apart of growing up and seeing life at it’s worst…. Then trying to iron out my wrinkles, putting family first—-It seems like Corcoran Prison is out  for sinking my Boat….But with Family, God, LostAngels, and the prison law office as my navigator…. I’ll be staying afloat…and I admit to being caught by many foolish distractions….Then forced to pay the price….. as the result of my actions…I am battlin with my medical neglect…Everyday it’s a war…got to keep my head up and just cause something looks right…don’t mean that is is…I got to get through the agony and anger, the pain and strife and take the necessary steps to try and change my life…                 Jimmy Edwards ,State Property


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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One Response to “The Dimming Light”

  1. Dee 5angels says:

    He is in a better condition now….with all angels you have called and watching over him…
    They will deliver him to you soon.

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