Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone that has sent comments concerning Jimmy and the quality of care he has received. Its not been easy for any of us that love him.

I know that Jimmy does receive care, that has never been the issue at all, but as some of you know care at times is sporadic, depending on the day, time and person giving the care, and how one is  choosing (today) to treat him or anyone. Speaking out sometimes does make things worse. I received a letter today from my son, he is feeling like a specimen in a jar being watched 24/7. He can’t even go to the bathroom without being seen by every single woman nurse at the observation desk. Part of me says (GOOD) now no one can do things and get away with it, the other part of me feels sadness for my son. We knew speaking out wasn’t going to be a piece of cake.

I have not written to the blog in at least 4 weeks it seems, I have been very sick with bronchitis and I think depression from having to deal with the mentality of people thinking (if your locked up) its ok to ignore the basic human rights that all people are entitled to regardless ..

Let me make this very clear, Jimmy does receive care, he has gone to outside hospitals, he has seen specialists, been sent back to the prison with specific orders that may or may not be followed, (more times than not) its over looked, pushed under the carpet. and the prison hospital does what they want.

I know for a fact the prison wants to wash their hands of him, move him out.. but they can’t really do so as sick as he is, so tell me what happens to my son? I am not a complainer, nor is my son… he isn’t just fighting his own battle, this is for anyone behind the belly of the beast going through similar medical care abuses.

Why can’t they move him to a real hospital prison, one that deals with people that are very, very sick. Its not like he is a danger to anyone, he has never been known to be a  bully inside or outside of prison.  I know why!!!! Because that would be way to easy…..

Again thank you for anyone that has given us much needed support and I hope you all will continue to give support, many of you have given me places to send letters too, many of them I have done so, more than once. The other info given was new to me and I am going to add them to my long list of places to write to… hugs to everyone


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Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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One Response to Thank You

  1. krissy peckham says:

    mom after all these years and all the inmates u have helped through out ur 14 yrs of dedicating ur life 2 helping inmates now its your son laying on a cold cement floor cold an bleeding 24/7 meaning from dawn 2 dusk well he is so weak from loosing so much blood he could bairly stand .an 4 the nearve of the c/os who smashed my brothers face in his blood and vomit god seen that ann 4 all u envolved will answer 2 god 4 what they have done my brother is not just dealing with a rare bleeding disorder he is now been ruffed up and the more we speak out the more torture he endurs how is that fair .its not like my brother is a monster an shouldnt b treated like brother has never n 14 yrs of beening n prison been violent .he could die any day now an who has the rite 2 play god an slowley kill my brother,i no why cause they want him 2 keep his mouth shut isu knows what im talking about an so does the f.b.i. if we really want 2 go their.i my self no how dirty u doth r so come kill me leave my brother alone.wonder what the public would think if they really new how the law puts public safty at risk 2 gather info 4 instance alowing a known gang member to follow out a crime like a drive by shooting or a homeinvashion 2 not jepodis a fbi investigation .proven fact.

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