State Property Continued

I was diagnosed with a chronic tare bleeding disorder called (AVM) Arteriouvenous-Mulformation by an outside hospital Gastroenterologist Specialist Doctor. Although some of Corcoran’s medical  Doctors do not believe I have such a rare unxeplaninable Bleeding disorder and can not grasp the normality of my diagnoses. they have chosen to instead treat me with disdain, disregarding every ethnic professionalism they were taught in their Doctorates degree.  In todays turbulent world many are eft without HOPE, trapped by despondency and futility and other acts of rebellion. Some critics may say or think we are condemned people with no future who have no rights to proper medical care, to be treated fair and impartial, that we gave up that right when we committed what ever crime landed our incarceration.

So I must as you this…… What if it was your Dad or Brother was serving 2 years for petty theft, who all of a sudden got deathly sick? Would you want them to have good quality Health Care? or would it be ok, to let them die? What if he had life for murder? then what? does it differentiate? Who do we decide gets care and who doesn’t? Whats fair and whats not? what about for a person like me? A brother, son, uncle (A HUMAN BEING) A person who was a passenger in a stolen car? Does that make a difference? should it? I took an oath in 1998 when my mother started LostAngels a support groups and advocating not just to support prisoners world wide but to advocate for the voiceless to stand up for what I believe in. Like when Nurse Gonzales yells constantly at a 86 year old patient for attempting to get out of bed or when she tells a death row inmate its 2:00 am at night and time to go to bed when its only 10:00 pm, taking his wheel chair from him and turning off his TV,….. All so she won’t have to do her 2:00 am rounds.

Or when she calls transgender inmate a HOMOSEXUAL HE/SHE IS A FREAK!!!!! Thats when it’s time to stand up and discover how to break the bonds of hopelessness and despair.  Not just for myself, but for all those that have no one. Those that can’t be heard…. My family and LostAngels have been my refuge always nourishing me to advance to new horizons.  There is no much about prison life that can never be captured with words, This utter loneliness should never be forced on anyone that once new freedom. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. So I ask you whats in the heart……not what the eye may see on the suffuse ……

I want to share the news of my own story, which is no (catwalk) to encourage  other prisoners in despair to “BE BOLD” and take their lives back!!!!! Throughout the prison system and California in particular, there seems to exists  a mutely controlled network of Barbaric Culture. Many of the top administrators is doing nothing but contributing  to a system of recklessness, Hopelessness, dejection, disillusionment, despair, and exploiting its prisoners. NO ONE speaks out to renounce for fear of either segregation, ridicule, reprisals and most of all the threat of violence. but I will not be silenced no matter the cost, as I took that oath many years ago. I stand firm in what I believe in. To each of you LostAngels, Prison Law Office, California Prison Focus,  Outside Looking Inn 4 You and any one else involved in prison reform, rights and advocates, continue in the spirit you all do. …. To Uplift, Inspire and give Hope where where there is none. I personally  applaud the work, spirit, effort and continued passion, Thanks.

For you None Believers over time I will show the following, “Deliberate Indifference” Within the meaning of the Eighth Amendment, under 1983, to maintain an eighth amendment claim based on prison medical treatment, an inmate must show deliberate indifference to serious medical needs. U.S.C.A. const. amen. 8; 42 U.S.C.A. 1983  350 HVII cruel and unusual punishment in general and 350HK2546 medical care and treatment. To demonstrate the deliberate  indifferences here. I will show a serious medical need by demonstrating the failure to treat my condition and the result  has caused significant injury and the unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain. I will also show (1) the purposeful act and failure to respond to a prisoners pain and possible medical need and (2) harm caused by the indifferences (3) a prisoner need not show his harm was substantial in order to prove an eighth amendment deliberate Indifference claim. California Statue governing liability of public employee for injury  proximate rly caused by failure to furnish or obtain medical care for prisoner in his custody.

Jimmy Edwards


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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