Death by Corcoran

Death used to seem so distant—now its  around the corner…Each day that passes here at Corcoran State Prison, only means the end is closer. Death is creeping up quick. I feel it breathing over my shoulder… many run with fear, I choose to face it like a solider—- so when Corcoran Doctors make me reach that flat line….. know that I didn’t die a coward— I lived every minute like a man…. Even through Corcoran’s darkest hour!!!

By A Mistreated California Prisoner…………Jimmy don Edwards II, State Property


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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5 Responses to Death by Corcoran

  1. Ronda Evans says:

    Dear Jimmy, My son has been incarcerated for 17 yrs. He’s been all over Calif, but putting lifer’s in dorms with 100’s of brats that are going home eveyday no matter if they start fights, do drugs, or all of the other drama they pass the day with because they don’t have to program is a joke. I had a close friend that was at Avenal. He kept asking to see a Dr. because he felt something was wrong & needed some test done. He kept asking, putting in request and they just ignored him. He had three serious cancers which they found after he had to go to a outside hospital for a doubled binded hernia. With a stomach full of staples they sent him back to the dorm;where he was so weak and in pain that he couldn’t stand to get in line for chow. He wasn’t able to bath or dress himself and the prison staff couldn’t care less. Thank God for some good men that feed, dressed and helped him. When they did move “Mike” to a medical Dorm ward even worse than the one he left he had to carry all of his belonging’s. His T.V. legal work, type writer, books, cd player and music, guitar and more fell to the ground where other inmates jumped in and grabbed everything but his paperwork and books. Two guards were standing there and didn’t do a thing! He should of been in a wheel chair and his stuff sent over, he still had the staples from the surgery but they all think they can treat you anyway they want because THEY DO GET AWAY with it! Mike was a soft spoken humble god fearing man. He was from Canada. His Fianc’e Lorna lived there as well. This man NEVER had a 115 or 128. Came to prison with a 7th grade education and earned(Two PHD’s, One Masters, One BScience) wrote a book to help others with self- help and I cannot tell you the thousands of men he counseled over the years or the bible classes he held. The Lord was his strength. He was a better man than anyone that worked there. They wouldn’t send him home to Canada even though he had less than a year to live, even after Gov. Arnold signed the compassionate release bill. After being in prison 21yrs; the parole board gave him a five yr. denial??? With gold parole plans. My husband was his attorney. We did get action in State Court but not in time! In the end we couldn’t see Mike at the hospital in Bakersfield, the people that give you special permission didn’t call back in time…in fact they NEVER called back. Mike who was so weak with the cancer all over his body was straped down with ankles shackled. But on Jan 14th Mike Soffitt entered Heaven a “FREE MAN”. Mike would of been 60 on Jan 17th. My son met Mike when they both were in County; that’s where we met him and became one of the family. I cried with Mike’s Fianc’e the morning he died but couldn’t help being so happy for him being in God’s arms where he prayed to be. Just because people make one stupid mistake doesn’t mean the shouldn’t be treated with dignity and given another chance. If the law said 50% time in 1994 with a plea of eleven more years plus the years he has done in Canada & L.A. county and with parole!! Who is the parole board to re-sentence him to another five years based on the crime? This whole broken down system is corrupt and the people of Calif don’t give a crap to even ask “what’s the problem” and “where’s the money going” and “WHY so many prison’s in this state??? Fear of sick people? My heart goes out to you and your mom! I understand and my heart hurts for you. I pray all this will work out for you, that you will get the help you need and that you will be treated with love and kindness. God Bless you Jimmy Ronda (Brian’s mom & Mike’s Friend) The web site above is the company I built for my son’s art from prison. We put the art on the clothes. I pray he will come home one day soon to run it!

    • aimee edwards says:

      ronda this is jimmys sister i read your messege it made me as i read i cryed my eyes out .god b with u an your son .u both will remain in my prayes my heart goes out to your brother is no longer at corcoran state they snuck him on the bus to pleasent valley.he was taken strait off the bus 2 an outside hospital wer they wanted 2 ship jimmy 2 u.c.l.a. to a speical blood treatment brother continues 2 bleed from dawn 2 dusk.he has been able to call family since changing prisons pleasent valley has treated him so far good thank god my brother has made it out of the belly of the heart again goes out 2 ur son an family.

  2. AIMEE EDWARDS says:


  3. krissy peckham says:

    jimmy u did not fite 4 14 years 2 have corcoran flat line u.i give u my word as ur sister an bestfriend i nor ur family will give up on u ,i as your sister know ur body cant take much more an if it means somthing happens god as my witness iwill not let this rest everyone envolved will pay n sum way or another.thats a promise the list of names r hard 2 comprehend so many people would alow a human to lay an bleed 2 death .how do people go home an not care what abuse goes on in side that prison.

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