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Inmate Health Care Appeal

By Jimmy Don Edwards (P06960) I am housed in the A.C.H. acute care Hospital with a rare Bleeding disorder, that cause me to vomit blood often. On 2-9-11 I had (4) separate episodes of vomiting blood. I notified my  p.m. … Continue reading

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“Calling For Resignation”

To Whom May Read Blog: After reading this blog my mother has put together on my behalf, you believe In the mistreatment and medical neglect taking place within California State Prison Corcoran, You are urged to comment on the following: … Continue reading

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“The words of Encouragement that help keep me Going”

While here at Corcoran State Prison—- I have to take the Good with the Bad—Smile when I’m Sad—Love what I got—and remember what I had….Always forgive, But never will I forget… Learn from my Mistakes, but never regret—people change…….things go … Continue reading

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“The Dimming Light”

Now I am a man of many talents and a man of my word, but on my path to see the light. Sometimes my vision gets blurred…. It’s all apart of growing up and seeing life at it’s worst…. Then … Continue reading

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Death by Corcoran

Death used to seem so distant—now its  around the corner…Each day that passes here at Corcoran State Prison, only means the end is closer. Death is creeping up quick. I feel it breathing over my shoulder… many run with fear, … Continue reading

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State Property Continued

I was diagnosed with a chronic tare bleeding disorder called (AVM) Arteriouvenous-Mulformation by an outside hospital Gastroenterologist Specialist Doctor. Although some of Corcoran’s medical  Doctors do not believe I have such a rare unxeplaninable Bleeding disorder and can not grasp … Continue reading

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Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone that has sent comments concerning Jimmy and the quality of care he has received. Its not been easy for any of us that love him. I know that Jimmy does receive care, that has never … Continue reading

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