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About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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  1. AIMEE EDWARDS says:

    jimmy im proud of u 4 the courage and strength you have carried with you through the last 14 yrs and are a tru soldja ,you educating yourself by reading every law book an knowing your rites is what has helped many inmates this last 14 have done and seen more crazyier things than most could ever dream ur bigger sister that has walked by your side from the out side and have visited alot of prisons and by far has corcoran state been the worst yet .my nitemare came tru u r n the belly of the beast.they r tryin 2 make u weak .u r way stroner than most an they dont like it that u r fiten back .no mater what just know that ther is 100xs of us on the out side fiten 4 u we love you jimmy family connected family ties 4 life only the strong surive .keep that chin up never give up love u lil brother

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