Nurses Notes




On this day the nurse tried to inform Dr. Kim  about Jimmy  vomiting blood, and all he said was “Thats fine”. if you look further  down you see where his BP was 87/55… that is a sign of active bleeding, the heart often compensates by beating faster. my son has fainted, felt weak, and dizzy. No active BM bleeding was noted this day.


This one is the very next day on 1-3-2011  it says Jimmy asked for a male nurse to come  in to his room,  RN Yang went to his room and noted CHUNKS of BLOODY CLOTS and bownish stool, and vomited liquid bloody ? in the basin.


I dont understand why Dr. Kim still doesn’t believe my son is very sick. People can’t make their BM have chunks of bloody clots nor can they vomit up blood unless something is very wrong, my son is behind glass, how can he do all the things he is being consistently accused of .


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  1. hi sherry,
    I’m a very good friend of your son jimmy. As i listen to your story, tears run like water down my cheeks. My heart aches for jimmy. I know him on a personal level as well, and i know the wonderful person that he is. Yes, he has made some wrong choices in life. I can relate, I’ve been down that road myself. But I paid my debt to society, as Jimmy is doing.
    It’s wrong and inhumane to deny anyone the health care they need to live. It’s wrong and heartless to treat a person that way, period. I don’t understand it, at all. I know how that medical staff in prisons treat patients. Like prisoners, not patients. I’ve experienced this for myself firsthand. Of course my condition was not as severe or life threatening as jimmy’s. So I can only imagine how much he is suffering. It makes me angry, and it breaks my heart.
    Jimmy is a child of God. A son, brother, uncle, and a very good friend who is loved, and missed. He his not alone in his journey. We will not give up on our Jimmy. Never. We will stay right by his side, until he is home, where he belongs.
    God be with us all.

    In faith,
    Ms. Francesca Gonzales

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