1 Appeal from Son

appeals 1-2 I am sharing this, to show when I received this Appeal from my son to send to the  Appeals Coordinator  At Corcoran State Prison in California, it was because his appeals were most likely ending up in the trash. I recieved this one weeks later, to late to send in ,  On 3 occasions  3 appeals came to send certified. I am sharing this one because attached with this one was a letter from anther inmate that was at the Corcoran State Prison Hospital at this same time, and seen on at least  2 occasions the cruel abuse that was given to my son. Richard sent me this letter if I remember right, after his wife had called me to relay a few messages from my son. Jimmy asked me to please attach this to his appeal, but it did not arrive on time for me to send it in like the others.

Richards letter 1 You can click on the appeal and the letter from Richard, I have blocked out Richard’s CDC # so there is no retaliation from the inside of the belly of the beast. This inmate came in from anther local prison because of the prison hospital is what his wife told me. So keep in mind he really did not know Jimmy.


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