Retaliation Is a Strong Word

Today as I read the latest letter from my son Jimmy. I keep thinking once again on the Declarations of Basic Human rights handed down to all nations in 1948..  Again my thoughts go to those 2 words arbitrary interference… Why do people in power stand behind their badge and think  they can do what ever they want to people that can’t defend themselves.  My son is in a hospital bed, inside prison walls, he didn’t ask to be sick, nor did he wish upon himself to bleed on a continues bases. and yet Dr. Kim, Dr. Moon think he is a big problem, Dr. Kim doesn’t want to treat my son in the same manner Dr. Kim would want to be treated. Arbitrary interference  means (because I can) Dr. Kim has made it clear, he doesn’t care if my son endures pain every day WITH STAFF trying to get needles in his veins that have collapsed over time, he doesn’t care that his arms are black and blue and swollen in pain. If he was any kind of Doctor at all, he would leave the pick line in his arms that the outside hospital keeps inserting every single time my son ends up in one.  but as soon as Jimmy is back inside the Corcoran state prison hospital, either Dr. Moon or Dr. Kim will have it removed, on the pretense my son doesn’t need the pick line…

I also believe retaliation is now taking place because of all the outside people wanting to know about Jimmy and Dr. Kim thinks he is being under fire. Dr. Kim is trying to cover his tracks and so what better way to get back at my son for all his 602s and complaints. Jimmy has tried over and over for this doctor to listen to him, and Dr. Kim just doesn’t care.

Anyone from the outside would never believe that a prison hospital person would deliberately stash something inside a patients room, but I don’t have any doubts in my mind or my heart that it can happen and often does AND DID. Why? you ask….. because they can…. My rose colored glasses came off a long time ago… and for you non-believers I just hope you never have to face the same kind of retaliation with a loved one behind the iron wall of cold hard steel…

If DR. KIM was to read anything here and decided to try to talk to me, I think my words to him at this very moment in time would be YEAH! YEAH! WHAT EVER YOU SAY..


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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