Retaliation From my Hospital Room

January 27th, 2011

Dear Mom,

Hello just thought I would write you real quick, heres a nurses assessment note from my records on on 1-2-2011 stating she called ER to inform Dr.Kim of my vomiting blood, She writes Dr. Kim answered “thats fine”. Nothing was advised. I circled the part.

Anyway I ‘m really upset, I got a chrono note stating that I left to outside hospital on 1-20-11 and on 1-23-11 the night C/O was packing up my property and inventory in front of nurse Daniels and the C/O and the C/O states she discovered (A NEEDLELESS SYRINGE used to draw blood hidden inside my shampoo bottle-  BULLSHIT!!! I Knew something was bound to come up, Iv’e wrote this in all my 602s that I feared retaliation and reprisals  from medical staff due to all my staff complaints against nurses and doctors. Mom I used my shampoo on Jan 17th to wash my sweat pants there was nothing in it, on Jan 18th I took a shower and noticed that two nurses coming out of my room,. Nurses are not supposed to be in a patients room without a officer nor do they have any business to be involved in a cell search or inventory of your property. That is a custody officers job. I believe one of the nurses I filed a staff compliant on put that syringe in my stuff. I know it wasn’t an officer, I got no problems with any C/Os here. I even think I know which nurse would do that. first off there is no possible way for a inmate to get possession of a syringe. There all accounted for and plus a C/O is watching closely every time a nurse comes in your room and I’m in a camera room. I believe they are using that now as a excuse to cover their ass on why they took my pickline out Before they had no logical excuse why they were making me go through such invasive treatment.

I filed a staff compliant against Dr. Moon for removing my pickline and now all of a sudden I go to the hospital come back and a syringe is supposedly found in my stuff. But they funny thing is I wasn’t even given a 115 write up. This is why I am refusing all medical treatment, not allowing nurses or doctors in my room. I need you to contact prison law office and let them know. Love you write soon ok mom..    your son Jimmy


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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