NO! Your not Going to Poke me 10 more Times 1-6-11

letter #23 dated 1-6-2011

Hello how are you? Well I did go out to the outside hospital on Monday. Dr Clark C.M.O. sent me out, my hemoglobin was at 9. it dropped from 12.6 with in 4 days. By the time I got to San Joaquin in a matter of e hours it dropped down to 7.9 so they gave me 2 pints of blood, the hospital put in anther pick line because even they could not get an I.V. in me and guess what? Dr. Moon told San Joaquin to take it out before I left, now I am back and they cant get a I.V. in me. Dr. Kim was mad that I keep getting sent out. He said he held a meeting with all doctors not to send me out no more. I don’t  know how he is going to tell the head C.M.O. that. He said I’m un compliant  because they came this morning to drawl blood and I told them NO.. YOUR NOT GOING TO POKE ME 10 TIMES when my pickline should have never been removed.

My counsler came in today and said there not going to transfer me to Salinas Valley and was going to put me up for transfer to level two Soledad.Hopefully I get to go somewhere that will treat my illness with proper medical care.

Mom sometimes I think they are trying to do what ever to keep me happy so my family will leave them alone.. but no matter what I can’t trust what  anyone tells me anymore.

Even Dr. Kim wants me out of here, he answered my 602 complaints, two of them today. and they are about him. So he’s not supposed to answer them. I told him how are you going to answer them when there about you. Dr. Kim said I told the appeals coordinator that and I don’t want to answer them but they told me to so I got to do it.. Anyways mom I love you and I hope Amy got permission to visit me… love you write soon ok… your son Jimmy.



About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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