January 26th

Dear Mom,

I am so confused, I received your notebooks, stamps and Birthday card to day and in your letter you said Amy can come see me, but in her letter I got on the 13th says she can’t come. Mom I don’t know why the prison is playing these games. I have letter signed who my approved visitors are and she is still on the list, so I am always confused anyways on Jan 20th, 2011 I was sent out to hospital again I had low blood pressure, high heart rate of 165 and vomiting 800 M.L. of blood. Dr. Ulich sent me out at 11:00 pm  that night. I stayed 4 day. I also got permission slip from the Prison Law Office and signed it and sent it back to them giving them permission to talk to you . So call them please by the time you get this letter it will have gotten there, San Joaquin hospital had to put in anther pick line and they sent me with it and the day after I got back to the prison hospital Dr. Moon had it removed. I’m just so tired of all this shit here mother. Can’t take no more so I am refusing all treatment and medications. I do not TRUST MEDICAL STAFF HERE. I have not eaten since Saturday, I do not even trust them to feed me, If the officers want to give me my food fine, I’ll eat. I’ll eat my package food you ordered when it gets here. I know your going to say refusing treatments is the worse thing I could do. But I’m not going to endure all this evasive cruel treatment of me. If I should die then it was ment to be, or I’ll be transferred to a safer place. but I am done with it all is how I am feeling. I love you and really thought your Birthday card was nice, I really miss you and thanks for all of your help.

Your so appreciated

Love you, your son Jimmy


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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