January 17th

Dear Mother,

Hello hope all is well and good your way I miss and love you so very much, Well so much is going on here I am just about finished with everything  that I can take, this is to much for me to handle any longer.

Well, since Dr. Moon ordered San Joaquin Hospital to remove my pick line again, When Dr. Clark sent me out on January 3rd,  the hospital could not even get a I.V. in me, they had to call in a order for the emergency pick line to give me a blood transfusion and I.V. medication. Dr. Singh at San Joaquin called Dr. Moon and told him he wanted to send me back with the pick line and Dr. Moon told him I didn’t need it. So it was removed on Jan 5th. when I was discharged. Since then 11 nurses tried to insert a IV, I’ve been poked 29 times. 4 nurses tried to insert a IV. 4 nurses and 2 different lead nurses have told Dr. Kim I need a pick line they they had to change my I.V. medications to be given (I.M) shots 3 times a day in my arm, My arms are so swollen and hurt bad, Dr. Wang came in yesterday 1-6-11 and seen how bad my arms were swollen an ordered hot compresses to be placed on my arms 4 times a day and orederd I be out on a I.V.  Agin I was poked 9 times by 3 nurses trying to get a I.V. line in me, they couldnt so now I’m eft with vomiting blood because I cant take my anti nausea medications, 3 lab techs for the past week have tried to draw blood and cant even find a vein to drawl blood, they have also recommended  to Dr. Kim to place a pickline.

The lead a.m. nurse floras asked D. Kim to see me on Jan 13th, he was very upset with me, and told me I have caused him much trouble with many different agencies calling him, he said 4 places called him on Jan 4th requesting a transfer to CMF. Dr. Kim told me I could suffer for all he cares. When I tried to talk to him he walked away saying yeah yeah what ever whatever you want to do. and walked away laughing. I heard him tell the nurse he wants everything documented as refusals so he can show I’m non compliant and to make it very uncomfortable for me.

Now this morning my A.M. nurse asked me why did I refuse my blood draw yesterday. (bullshit) I never use asked she said its documented…Mom every time you refuse you are asked to sign a refusal. I ALWAYA SIGN THEM AND I WRITE THE REASONS WHY ON THE PAPER. I THINK THEY ARE JUST DOCUMENTING STUFF and making it up as Im refusing.  So DR. Kim can cover his ass.

I am sorry Mother to always be writing you with bad news, but I’m not getting better , everything that works for me, Dr. Kim or Dr. Moon discontinues or makes difficult for me just so I can be forced to refuse.

Please let Alison Hardy from the Prison Law Office now my status Mother with all updates, and please tell her that you have had to send my 602 appeals in for me and most are not being responded to and the ones against Dr. Kim he answers them and that have talked to him and he denied the code blue.  I don’t know how they get away with answering the 602s that are about them. love you mother and please write soon. I love you so much.  your son Jimmy

I have talked with Dr. Kim and he did deny that their was a code blue on Jimmy as well as he denied my son has AVM, yesterday Jan 29th I received medical files from my son going back at least 3 months, each trip to the hospital except one shows active AVM. When I asked Dr. Kim if he has seen my sons medical records from the outside hospital he assured me he had, and that it only mentioned AVM once as a maybe. He also says there is nothing wrong with my son, that if he just takes prilosec everyday for 30 and iron pills 3 times a day for 3 months  everything will stop and  he will be ok, but Jimmy has been on prilosec for the last 5 years or so and he takes iron pills everyday, but when Jimmy is sent out to an outside hospital Dr. Kim starts the 30 day count down again… even though Jimmy still receives his daily meds in the hospital. Dr. Kim also said my son was noncompliant and yet my sons social worker on the same day as I talked to Dr. Kim, told me Jimmy was compliant and I should not worry.


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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