California Mom of an Inmate

I never signed up for this job, of being a mother of an inmate. The thought keeps running in my head that long ago, before I was  born, I raised my hand and told my Heavenly Father I can do this, “give this child to me when its time”.  As I held this little boy in my arms the very first time, smiling down on him, touching his cute little fingers, kissing his soft little cheeks, I didn’t realize that in time I would have to fulfill that promise to my Heavenly Father.

This road has not been an easy one, many times it is painful, and yet there has been so many joys that have carried me through the dark hours of the night.  This is one of those dark times, and this is the time I am not going to hold back, you will hear first hand, the abuse, the pain, that has been brought down around myself and my son, by those in power, BECAUSE THEY CAN……arbitrary interference is the words used in the document handed down in 1948 my the United Nations in the *Universal Declaration of Human rights*.

those 2 words can mean many things, and can be very powerful and is used in real time, at the drop of a hat, on a whim of many in power, knowing they can do what ever they want with or to any human being behind a prison wall. With many basic human rights being abused and forgotten.

I have made anther promise, this time to myself and to my son, to help him bring forth the injustice of the California state prison systems medical care, that go by the wayside from many getting paid by the state to over see, and take care of the people behind  the iron wall..

In exposing some of the things that have taken place at a California prison to my own son,  I hope it will help my son before its to late as well as others going through similar things.  I as a Mother will stand up for her son, and fulfill her promise she made to him when he was born and to her heavenly Father before time.


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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