Happy Birthday Son

*My Son*Dear Son, Ever since you were born, I worried and wondered about whether or not I was being the best mom I could be.

Did I make you feel important? Did we find enough time for the little things that live on in happy memories- like laughter, and hugs, and “just-between us” moments? And even when we disagreed, did you always know (I loved you?)

Of all the things in my life that I might or could have or should have done differently, there’s one thing I’d never change, and that’s having you for a son…..

If I didn’t always find a way to say it, I hope I always showed it…. I ‘m proud to be your parent, and I love you my Son.

Happy Birthday my Dear Son……mom


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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One Response to Happy Birthday Son

  1. Amanda says:

    Very sweet letter. Your son is lucky to have you as his mother (((((hug)))))

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