What’s a Mother to do

What do I call this path that I am on, the one I never dreamed of or ever thought I would be on?

Do I call it heartache, maybe it should be *A mothers worst nightmare*.  It feels as if darkness has set in all around my very soul, its cold along this path. the hard cold cement under my feet causes me to stumble, sometimes tears stream down around me. Is it Rain, or is it my spirit trying to hang on to the light that never is quite in my grasp…Will there ever be joy at the end of the rainbow, will I ever feel free in this life time… Will I ever see the twinkle in the eye of my last born.

Did I really sign up for this in anther life? because I do not feel like a warrior for the souls behind the wall..Down deep inside I do know I am not alone, even if it feels like I am, there is thousands of us out there, we are Mothers with a child no matter the age behind the iron wall of darkness

What did I do to deserve this title, besides give birth to a child of the Lord, to love for ever and a day, to protect with a mothers heart. Love has no beginning  and no end ((it just is)) .


About Lost Angels Mom

Hope is everything, Without it, We have Nothing...A mothers love never dies.
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