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I am trying to update with Records as they come in ..even though I am so far behind, but things happen and days slip by.. before I know it I have days of work to copy over..

Jimmy writes me and says he is sending 6 pages and is having problems getting his medical records that it seems someone is not wanting him to have them and he has had to keep trying to get them. and he is asking me to post these 6 pages.. I have them also saved in a special place that cant be found, unless I choose to have them found…

first pages Jimmy sent

page1 May 28



page 3

page 3 May28



page 5


page 6

page6 May 28

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Ca.Health Care Facility/Stockton

As a Mother, wanting only the best for her son, even one thats in the prison system…. After all- most people in prison I would think have people that love them..whether its another parent, sibling, gf/bf/wife or husband/child…

My son has spent a lot of years locked behind the belly of the beast… I call it that because most of the prisons my son has been in, has not always been a good one.. What do I mean by a good one (you might be asking yourself)I do realize that prisons have to have lots of rules and safety measures in place because  people who commit crimes most times made bad choices because of stupidity, lack of caring about others, or plain bad/mean people… I can’t say I believe anyone is born bad, but I do believe some for what ever reason have no conscience.. maybe a true medical issue  anything can happen when an embryo is formed..

A bad prison to me is: When people in authority think they can say and do what they want when no one is looking and the treatment some inmates receive. Its bad enough when you have authority figures making your daily living unbearable, but its even worse when you have an inmate that truly is very sick and people not believing how sick one is, or calling them liars, I don’t know how many times I had heard my son tell me (they don’t believe me, they think I am making myself sick) I had a prison doctor call me once and tell me there really wasn’t anything wrong with him & that he is doing something to make himself bleed..this same prison left my son to lay in his own pool of blood for hours, then left the blood on the floor and told him to clean it up…or the time he passed out on the floor from losing so much blood and they had to call a code on him,  resuscitate him.

As I said not all prisons are like this some are better than others… and right now my son is in the California Health Care Facility in Stockton… I have to give this prison a 5 star rating.. Even though they are not totally staffed yet, they have done an outstanding job in helping my son, not one person there has ever said my son is making it up or doing things to cause his bleeding. In my book they are very very professional & compassionate people.

Jimmy is not all stressed out there, he doesn’t seem to be worried about his safety which is a real blessing… I have always taken great pride in what my son tells me, he has always been very open and honest when it comes to the people he comes in contact with and how he is treated… and I can say from my own experience with phone calls there that what my son tells me is very very true… People seem to care and they show it every single day, my hope is that all the people that work at this health care prison, never lose their compassion when it comes to working with people..(sometimes I wonder if all prisons had more compassion if more inmates could be rehabiliated and not return to the system..That truly would be a blessing…

I just wanted to do a shout out for this prison facility… I am so amazed with all the people that I have come in contact with… My son is very sick and he always mentions how nice people have treated him…and the great medical care he is receiving…

Thank you so much for taking good care of my son..I just wish he could have been in a place like this way back when, maybe he wouldn’t be so sick now if the medical care could have been good and not left up to how someone in charge was feeling on any given day my son needed help.

I still say medical care is a  basic human right that was handed down by the United Nations over 60 years ago to all nations -to all people (that means in prison too)

Yes rating this prison hospital was very easy ***** 5 stars

LostAngels Mom

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My Son 10-9-13

I just wanted to update everyone about my son, Jimmy has been moved again, this time to the California Health Care Facility in Stockton Cal.. he has been there just about 3 weeks maybe 4..

This prison from my understanding is more like a real hospital for acute medical and mental health treatment and has opportunities for rehabilitation with academic training..

I wish maybe my son had been sent there long ago, he might not be so sick now.. but there was trouble not long after he was moved.. (its hard moving) to a new place and no one knows your real needs or what issues you have..

Jimmy started bleeding and the Doctor was not going to send him out until he witnessed Jimmy bleeding and decided maybe its better..I am glad he did but then again because he was in a new area was sent to the stockton hospital just to be fair, I don’t know how many hospitals there is in Stockton.. but they had to go in and cauterize an AVM bleed.. on examining an X-ray (not sure) they seen some type of staple like thing and made the determination that jimmy swallowed something to cause his own bleeding.. and they took the staple out… now mind you it was a surgical staple… but they reported this back to the prison, and OMG they put jimmy in lockdown.. he tried so hard to explain to them that his last medical stay in a hospital before being moved to this new prison the Doctors put this staple in to stop what was a very bad bleed… finely one of the Doctors at this new prison got his medical records as Jimmy kept begging them to read.. and seen where it had indeed been put in… My main concern now with this, is he could start to bleed out again where they took the staple out of.. I am very worried for his life…

I know inmates do things to cause things to happen so they can get out of  doing things, but that doesn’t mean every inmate… My sons health has been jeopardized more than once because people in authority assume the worst of everyone. (or they don’t care)…

I have not seen my son in  about 3 I don’t know how he really looks, but I do know my son is sick, he may not look like it to the people that work the shifts but he has never done anything to cause his bleeding, if anything he has tried so hard to stay on top of things so he doesn’t start to bleed.. Jimmy knows that one day he can start to bleed and it might be that one to many times and no one will be able to stop it… he is always worried that he will be left to bleed out in his cell and no one will take it seriously…

Jimmy has about 5 months left to serve and being moved like this I am so scared the paper work will be put to the side and he wont have a chance to come to Oregon where I am living now and his 2 sisters live here with their families..

Jimmy will have no place to stay if he is released back to the county we all lived in when he went to prison…he won’t be on parole but he will be on probation but that doesn’t mean they will let him come here..Nothing ever seems to go right when it comes to him or us…

I want my son to be able to be here with me, I want to be able to hug my son and help him    with his medical issues, to much time has been wasted…

FYI….. the last time I was in Cal and tried to see my son, Corcoran prison at that time, told me I wasn’t an approved visiter… and I was but they do what they want to do, they didn’t care I drove from out of state to see my son…I had never ever been turned down before…

Can someone please help me to get my son to Oregon…What does it take, to get the state of California to do just one small deed to help a family?????????

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Warden Knipp

this letter was written to Warden Knipp at Mule Creek.. sent by my son, also I emailed it to his office as well.. I do understand he will not respond to email. but I do have permission from Jimmy to post this.

letter to warden page2 of letter

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Sent June 11th

Dear Mother I am sending you (5) Medical Chronos #rd 1 through 5 and also a signed Authorization for release of information. this document can be faxed or emailed to anyone that you talk to. Its called a a (CDCR 7385) authorization for release. 

Please read medical chronos 1 to 4 showing 4 different Doctors who deemed me (Totally Disabled)/highlighted and at the top states permeant. these were all done before I went to Corcoran on 4/13/2013 

Chrono1 Chrono2 Chrono3 Chrono4

Now look at the one done after I came back from Corcoran on 5/7, page 5 now states I am FULL DUTY, and at the bottom under comments this doctor writes (possible munchausens) meaning to get attention . The other part states Poly substance abuse, stating I make up factitious disorders to obtain narcotics. I highlighted it.


I cant even read which Doctor wrote this but I showed it to my mental health Doctor Leigh, because this doctor who wrote this report put this information came from mental health. and Dr. Leigh said No it did not and this medical doctor is lying because no where in my mental health file states anything of the sort. just wanted you to know mom…



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Ludicrous What next?

I can’t believe these people, If my son wasn’t so sick I might be able to laugh these records off, but not when it could mean life or death for my son…He never was the kind of person to over exaggerate his illness not even as a child. I can think of a lot more things he could be doing that to be acting.. and causing his own illness..My son wants to come home, as his mother can not see him hurting himself over and over to come home sicker than a dog…Where would it get him? he would have no medical to get his body back in shape.. these people will do what ever it takes to discredit someone behind bars…

Jimmy has been watched over and over.. for days behind glass and he still gets sick..

Dr. Rudas states he witnessed on 2 occasions vomiting up blood and did a rectal exam and his hemoglobin was 6.0 and yet nothing was done… my son could die with a count that low… THE CALIFORNIA PRISON SYSTME IS KILLING MY SON..

You will see on the last page they are trying to say Jimmy has MUNCHAUSEN’S SYNDROME…

page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6

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June 14th Denied

June 14th

Dear Mom, Today my primary physician requested that I needed a hematology consult with a hematologist but the Chief Physician DENUED his request and used a FALSE CRITERIA for hematology hemoglobin levels. You will see it defines any hemoglobin below 8.3 is acute critical..mine is 7.0 ..anyways I dont understand this crap, they are doing, No way should I be left like this with such a low hemoglobin. (Dr. Christopher Smith) Chief Physician is the one who denied my doctors request. Also I over heard Dr. Smith tell a nurse I’ve had over 100 EGDs that show nothing . This of course is not true, I’v only had 63 EGDs and  at least 27 of them have showed active bleeding with angio dysplasia and AVM. I just feel so hopeless because I cant understand why I’m being treated this way today is the 19th I got so dizzy when I stood up I fell and hit my head on the toilet. I have a huge bruise and scratch on my head I broke my glasses. my blood count has to be very low…

request for treatment

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